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this is not a test of the emergency broadcast system

morally redundant b-boy/punk/producer/dj/raconteur/slapper/idiot

808, 909, addict, against better intentions, ai records, ak press, angry man, apple powerbooks, appleseed, argh!!! cobras!!!, at-at walkers, auto-erotic asphyxiation, bass, beards, beat 13, being specific, blackmass plastics, bleep, boards of canada, bubbahotep, carhartt, charles bukowski, chasing butterflies, cheer up goth, cheese impressions, city of the dead, controlled weirdness, crass, crying like a baby, damn you krapotkin!, dangerdoom, darth fucking vader, dawn of the dead, dead silence, discharge, domination, dub, durable mouth organ, edna, electro, evac, fear and loathing, four tet, fracture, fudge tunnel, fuel records, fugazi, ghost in the shell, glitch, gonzo, grime, hells angels, hiding in the bathroom, huge belt buckles, hunter s thomson, i-can-see-i-can-see-perfectly-let-me-come-with-you, iain banks, innocent bystander [rip], ironic bling, japanophelia, jumper that goes grrr!, kaoss pad, kid acne, kittenhotep, klimt, korg, london dogs, lucky strike silver, lucy mclauchlan, mark ecko, marker pens, marshall, maverick guitars, mc-303, mf doom, mitch, mr jago, mum, nina simone, noam chomsky, nom nom nom nom, not_listing_stupidly_obvious_interests_like_sex, novation, noyeahno, pathic, penny rimbaud, phonecia, planet_mu, prophecy, pulp, pwei, pyramid transmissions, quality electronic music, rag and bone, rehab, req, running away, saint hunter, scape one, scematic records, scrawl, send more paramedics, shadow huntaz, shaun of the dead, she one, si begg, sigor ros, silent hill, sissy, slag boom van loon, south london bass, spinning belt buckles, spirited away, spray paint, ssx 3, steff, stencils, strawberry catterpillar, tagging, tea, terratag, the designer's republic, the goon show, the rum diary, tipper, transparent sound, two lone swordsmen, two sugars, understanding anarchy, upr, upss, v for vendetta, vestax, watchmen, your mum, zebra face, zombies, zombies ate my sadness, zoo york